IPN partners with GreenGate

30.06.2014, Vienna/Windeck a. d. Sieg

In order to provide our customers with an all-in-one solution for intelligent maintenance prediction, planning and management, IPN and GreenGate entered into a cooperation. GreenGate is specialised on the development and implementation of a maintenance planning and management software (planning, document management, etc.), hence it is a perfect match for the predictive and analytics products of IPN.

The partnership between GreenGate and IPN enables us to offer a continuously integrated and intelligent maintenance system as a single solution. This solution offers you the functionality to perform tasks ranging from the configuration- and document Management over the prediction of maintenance tasks to the actual maintenance and production planning in one comprehensive tool.

Benefits to our customers:

Initially, machines and components are configured as objects in the GreenGate software. This allows managing the manufacturing landscape and its components in an easy manner.

After the initial mapping, all the objects including their meta-data (lead times, age, reference times, etc.) are automatically imported into the IPN analytics/predictive system in order to perform the predictions as well as different analysis and reporting. The result is automatically sent back to the GreenGate system which is calculating the optimal maintenance schedule and informs the person in charge. All of this happens in the background and fully automated. Therefore, your company is fully utilize the strategic power of maintenance without any extra resources.

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