IPN attending the Maintenance 2014

02. – 03.04.2014, Hamburg

We attended the Maintenance 2014 in Hamburg in order to strengthen our network and to keep up-to-date with recent trends in the fields of industrial maintenance and production technologies. We established contact and first ties with companies such as Cooper Standard, GreenGate and SKF. Furthermore, we attended expert sessions held by users and manufacturers about topics such as “industry 4.0” (German Version only) and “predictive maintenance”. For us the most important insight of the Maintenance 2014 is “everyone wants to but no one knows how to”. This sounds quite harsh but it shows the strong demand for innovations in industrial maintenance. In our opinion we are looking forward to an exciting future in industrial maintenance.

It was especially noticeable that the core technology of all the products presented for predictive maintenance still is vibration analysis. This technique is based on predetermined fault and imbalance frequencies for specific machines. Eventually this leads to an inflexibility regarding the product’s applicability to other machines and fault factors.

Furthermore, it is remarkable that the demand for predictive maintenance systems is strongly increasing but the well-established suppliers still have no satisfying answer at hand.

Further insights from the Maintenance 2014:

  • There is a strong demand for fairs such as the Maintenance 2014
  • Today’s technologies will change the job description of maintenance engineers in the medium term
  • The energy efficiency directive leads to an increase in management attention for the maintenance department
  • Industrial maintenance bears an enormous potential for innovations that will be eventually unlocked due to the increase of management attention
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