In the packaging and glass industry (e.g. grocery packaging, optics) the quality of the final product depends on a variety of process steps. It starts with the preparation of the raw materials followed by several process steps such as forming or grinding. Quality controls are performed in order to guarantee the quality of the final product. In case of a quality deviation the batch is rejected or re-work has to be performed. Furthermore, the cause of the deviation has to be analysed. For the company this means a loss of production due to the rejected batch and the time spent on the root cause analysis.



A packaging producer as well as a glass manufacturer asked us to perform a root cause analysis of deviations from quality limits (multiple limits) and to identify the optimal parameters for the plant to produce of a specific type of product. The main idea of the manufacturers was to cut their costs and to increase their productivity plus customer satisfaction.



During the course of the root cause analysis we identified the relevant parameters for each of the quality limits as well as their detailed influence on the limits. Furthermore, we developed a model that is used in our inPROC module to predict the product quality based on the actual parameters and gives recommendations on how to recalibrate these parameters in order to optimize the product quality.



Therefore, our inPROC module allows the prediction of future quality deviations and the correction of parameters causing them. Furthermore, it performs a root cause analysis and informs the customer about the relevant parameters as well as their exact influence on the product quality. Last but not least it identifies the optimal product parameters which helps cutting the set-up time of the plant.

For the companies mentioned the utilisation of our inPROC module reduces spoilage, optimises productivity and increases customer satisfaction as it reduces delivery delays. Therefore, it saves money for the customer right from the moment it is used for the first time.

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