IPN on the stage of industrial maintenance

03.06.2014 – 06.06.2014, Munich

IPN seizes its chance to present its methodology of predictive maintenance at the Maintain 2014 in terms of a presentation titled ‘how to optimize maintenance by the use of statistics’. The fact that we got the slot right after the keynote about ‘manufacturer services – industrial service 4.0’ reflects the importance of our topic.

Furthermore, the interest from the practitioners and domain experts showed that this valuation was correct. Here are some of the questions from the audience:

  • Headgear producer: Questions the applicability of our methodology on its machinery, especially regarding non-cyclic malfunctions and was excited to learn that our methodology can cope with this type of malfunctions too.
  • Automation: Challenged the methodologies ability to cope with the lifecycle of electronic components (Bathtub curve) and learned that it can cope with it quite easily.
  • Wind farm: The methodologies ability to support root cause analysis and to predict technical breakdowns convinced the domain experts.
  • On the second day we were invited to the 10 anniversary of the FVI (Forum Vision Instandhaltung) where we got in touch with a lot of interesting companies. Furthermore, the idea to implement our product into two concrete projects was born at this anniversary.


This trade fair showed that we are on track and that we made a good decision to focus on this methodology as it is what the industry is in need of.

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