Most of the companies own huge amounts of data from their procution facilities as well as other business units. However, most of these companies are aware of the potential that is contained in these data sets. Nevertheless, many of them lack the knowledge of how to unlock it.

We provide our expertise in data mining to our customers in order to unlock this potential. Professional services like data analysis, interpretation and data mining model development are part of our offer. These services support our clients on unlocking the full potential hidden in their data. Our services are composed of three different areas:

EN_DATAMININGMODELFor our clients who are looking for a continuous analysis and prediction based on their data we offer data mining models which are tailored specifically to their needs.



• Development of models to predict the optimum depth for oil production based on measurements from the drilling process
• Models that optimise a machine’s calibration based on it’s machine and process data

EN_DATAMININGWe help our clients to analyse and interprete existing data collections from different sources e.g. machine data, supply chain data or data from their qualitymanagement systems. Statistical data analysis is performed in order to aid our clients in uncovering Information in the data.


• Root cause analysis of quality issues if a papermachine
• Analysis and prediction of supply bottlenecks and backup capacities


EN_EDUCATIONCorrespondent to the idea that it is better to teach how to dig a well than to dig it yourself for the thirsty one, we offer trainings and workshops on the topic of industrial data mining and statistical data analysis to our clients. These courses cover topics like structured data analysis as well as statistics and state of the art data mining approaches.


We are happy to serve you with an individual offer and are looking forward to answering your questions in a personal call.

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