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The Datamining Company

"We give you the deepest insights into your data, to leverage the potential it contains for you and your customers".


Regardless of whether you are just starting to record your data or already have large volumes of data: Here you will find the right infrastructure for intelligent analysis, visualization and monetization of your data!

Ai Services

With our AI-powered algorithms such as our "Anomaly Detection" or our "AirDelivery Service", we give your assets and products the ability to independently assess and report their own condition and required maintenance.


Standardization before automation. This guiding principle applies to the digitalization of processes and systems. Companies with quality-assured, standardized processes are also successful in the long term.
With our DataCube, you create the digital foundation for sustainable business success.


The mere collection of data, without the possibility of visual, explorative analysis does not represent added value. "Visualytics" was developed to enable efficient yet intuitive visualization of data even for system experts without much IT affinity.


Receive all important information such as predicted fault messages & quality defects as well as work orders in real time and directly to their mobile device


Our consulting services support you in the transformation from a pure system user to a profitable user of the new digital possibilities.

Pilot project

Would you like to optimize your systems with the help of modern digital methods or precisely analyze the causes of malfunctions?
Within just 2 weeks of your data delivery, you will receive a customized anomaly detection or root cause analysis based on the data provided

Digitization projects

With our proven process model, you can achieve your digitization and data analytics goals in time, scope and costs.

Data Science

You have a complex question and associated data, we have the answer. Through the active collaboration of our data experts with your technology experts, we generate measurable added value after only a short time.

Data Infrastructure

We support you with more than 10 years of practical experience in designing and building the optimal data infrastructure. Whether it's a data warehouse or a state-of-the-art analytics application.

Workshops & Teams

Our workshops help you move from an initial idea to a fully planned analysis project in the shortest possible time. Our experts work closely with your project team to compensate for a lack of data analysis expertise while helping you build it.

What speaks for us


10 years of experience in planning and implementing successful digitalization & analytics projects


on key technologies such as AI and ML, NoSQL & SQL, and Data & Delta Lake.

Customer focus

We analyze your requirement to achieve the best result for you.

One Stop Shop

One-stop shop: data science, AI predictive models and planning/implementation of digitization projects

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