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The Datamining Company

Who we are:

IPN is a dedicated team consisting of experts in Data Science, Software Engineering and Project Management. For more than a decade, we have been active in the field of data analytics, helping companies unlock the full potential of their data.

During this period, we have implemented numerous successful projects covering a wide range of industries, including heavy industry, the chemical industry and the mobility sector. In the process, we have developed a keen eye for what it takes to successfully implement projects in the field of digitization and analytics.

How we see ourselves:
We love data and we love working with data, it’s the only way to achieve truly outstanding results.

We consider ourselves experts in Data Architecture, Data Infrastructure, Data Engineering and Data Science. Each of our team members has many years of academic training, either in statistics or data science. Building on this in-depth training, we bring up to a decade of hands-on experience in projects focused on plant and machine data analysis.
What does “successful” mean to us:
For us, success goes far beyond the mere realization of your goals. For us, success means that you not only take advantage of the results achieved, but also gain the associated knowledge to make good use of these results and to be able to generate further benefits from them in the future.

Our goal is to ensure that you can use the knowledge and skills gained for your company in the long term.

Success Factors:
Data analysis projects usually start with clear goals based on hypotheses and assumptions. As these projects progress, some of these assumptions are refined, others are discarded, and new potentials emerge. This requires an agile approach and close coordination between your team and us. From our perspective, this results in the following success criteria:
  • Flexibility: Especially through intensive and interactive collaboration with you, it quickly becomes clear which assumptions are correct and where additional potential lies. Projects must therefore be managed flexibly to take account of these findings and generate the greatest possible benefit.
  • Communication: We prepare the data, perform analysis and develop models. However, you have the expertise to interpret the analysis and model results. Direct communication between your experts and us is therefore crucial to efficiently achieve truly beneficial results.
  • Interactivity: Regular interactive workshops on the topics of “data analysis” and “result interpretation” are indispensable to anchor the necessary know-how for the further use and development of the results in your company.
  • Self-assessment: Only those who assess themselves correctly know where and how they can best use their strengths and when they should let their project partner take the lead. We are experts for data and evaluations, while you are the experts for your plants and products. You should take the lead on the interpretation and content aspects, while we take the lead on the evaluations.

The IPN team

10 years IPN

The company
Founding year

In September 2013 IPN is founded as OG

The team
First employees

We find our first employees for the areas Data Science (Mag. P. Holzer) and Software Engineering (S. Steiner)

The company
IPN becomes a limited liability company

Mag. A. Follner joins the company as a shareholder

The team
Further employee

T. Steinwender Bsc. expands our team in the area of Data Science

The company
IPN continues to expand

Dipl.Ing. G. Brunbauer joins IPN as a shareholder. Mag. B. Kober and Dr. A. Wimmer expand the team in the areas of Data Science and Project Management

The team
First female Data Scientist

With Mag. Dippenaar Bsc. the first female Data Scientist becomes part of IPN

The company
IPN AI Services

In the last two years, we have shifted the development focus to AI-powered algorithms. In 2022, the first IPN AI services are successfully validated and released.

The company
IPN AirDelivery

The final validation of the IPN AI based IPN AirDelivery Service has been successfully completed.

The company
First patent application

IPN applies for a patent for the "Flow Monitor" module.

Our mission

Our mission is to further improve processes and products through state-of-the-art digital technologies and to open the doors to new digital services for our customers.

Our vision

We are guided by the vision of enabling real-time, data-driven decisions universally – regardless of business size or software environment

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