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IPN AirDelivery

The use of compressed air in various industries, such as production plants, medical technology and rail transport, is widespread. However, the generation and storage of compressed air are very inefficient and prone to failure, making them costly. With IPN AirDelivery, you immediately increase efficiency and reduce disruptions to your compressed air supply.

For you as a user, the susceptibility of compressed air systems to failure means:

  • Redundant design of compressed air generation and the associated additional costs.
  • Higher energy & maintenance costs, as well as increased probability of failure, since leaks in the compressed air network are often detected only by chance.
  • General lack of transparency in the operation of the compressed air supply and the resulting lack of ability to efficiently manage the generation and distribution of compressed air.


  • Your air compressors will automatically notify you if they determine that you will not be able to provide the required volume flow within the next month.
  • Your compressors detect incipient damage early for your technicians, allowing you to intervene in time before failure and saving you from consequential damage or loss of the compressor.
  • An automatic message immediately indicates a leak in your compressed air network and saves your company high additional costs for energy and maintenance due to undetected overruns.

We make it possible:

By using the algorithms of our AI services in “IPN AirDelivery”, we enable you to fully monitor the status of your compressed air system at any time. With our LiveAlerting service, your systems report to you automatically in the event of anomalies or malfunctions.

  • Condition Monitor: Monitoring of changes in the running behavior of your air supply system (ASU).
  • Flow Monitor: Monitoring of the volume flow of the ASU.
  • Leakage Monitor: Detection of leakages in the ASU.
  • Reporting/Dashboard: Insight into the most important key figures for the ASUs.

IPN AirDelivery keeps your rolling stock in service and reduces life cycle costs

Your compressed air system reports even before your rolling stock fails.

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IPN AirDelivery brings transparency to your compressed air supply

It detects inefficient air supply units and notifies you of the optimal time for maintenance.

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Optimize your results with IPN AirDelivery

It informs you at any time about leakages and wear as well as the condition of your air treatment.

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