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Anomaly Detection

Detect the undetectable

In commercial areas, system failures are associated with considerable costs. For this reason, regular, preventive maintenance of these systems is carried out at great expense. In some cases, important systems are also monitored for signs of specific faults.
Nevertheless, many manufacturing companies regularly face unexpected downtime due to malfunctions or defects.

With our Anomaly Detection, you can recognize the undetectable and turn unplannable downtimes into plannable ones

Condition Monitoring

Until now, the reliable monitoring and forecasting of plant condition has been a complex and error-prone undertaking that places high demands on plant know-how and the company's level of digitalization.

The challenges of classic CBM:

  • Extensive plant expertise required
  • Availability and readiness of the required subject matter experts
  • Long and high quality data histories needed
  • Establishment of further, specific measuring points at the plants

Anomaly Detection

We have developed a procedure that does not require a long data history, no past malfunctions and only rudimentary knowledge of the systems in order to recognize any malfunction that is building up

IPN Anomaly Detection Our Anomaly Detection learns the normal operating behavior based on data from fault-free operation. This enables you to turn unplanned shutdowns into planned shutdowns.

  • Data from the regular operation of the system
  • Minimal expert knowledge for the initial data description
  • 14 days waiting time

Optimize your systems:
  • Detect: Detect any relevant anomalies in the running behavior of your machines and systems.
  • Evaluate: Get an evaluation of the anomaly and a point-by-point insight
  • Act: Take action before failures or consequential damage occur

With our Anomaly Detection, you receive robust monitoring of your systems just 14 days after data delivery.

Detect - Evaluate - Act