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Standardization before automation.
This guiding principle applies to the digitalization of processes and systems. Companies with quality-assured, standardized processes are also successful in the long term.

With our DataCube, you create the digital foundation for sustainable business success.

You know the situation, there are a lot of different data silos in the company and combining the data correctly for analysis and reporting is a big challenge.

Our IPN DataCube takes over this task for you and provides you with a quality-assured, consolidated database for your analyses:
  • Consolidates all your data silos in one place
  • Provides a data basis for all your evaluations
  • Enables connections to PowerBI and other tools via SQL API

Gain full visibility and insight into your business, get consistent, automated reports, and optimize business management.

The IPN DataCube provides you with a central and consistent database for all your reports. Our IPN Reporting System builds on this:
  • Automatically creates and sends your reports for recipients you specify
  • Based on a consistent and quality-assured calculation basis
  • Allows reports for every area of your company, such as warehouse, production or across departments

Stay informed at all times and increase your company's productivity.

With IPN Monitoring, you define dashboards for your key metrics and tasks, giving you up-to-date insight at any point in time:
  • Current plant/shift productivity for the store floor
  • Fault and maintenance dashboard for your maintenance
  • Stocks and orders

Often all the information is in the system, but does not reach the right people at the right time. Reduce unnecessary ways and thus response times for important events.

With our IPN LiveAlert service, important information gets to the right people immediately, no matter where they are or whether they have their hands free:
  • Fault messages sent directly to the maintenance staff’s smartwatch
  • Immediate provision of safety-critical information
  • Easy extension with new events and recipient groups