In a production environment, the data is generated by different sensors at different sampling rates and resolutions. The prediction of the remaining life time as well as detailed data analysis are based on data which is available as discrete timeseries. Our module inPOLL automatically synchronizes the data and fills the gaps for you.

Our module inPOLL represents the interface between the monitored equipment and the IPN IoT/ML platform. IPN inPOLL was specifically designed to receive data streams in real-time and to automatically transform them into the needed, equally spaced timeseries. The pre-processed data is the basis of visualisations via IPN Visualytics and predictions with the modules IPN inCARE and IPN inPROC.

inPOLL covers the phase “Data Preparation” of CRISP-DM.

With inPOLL we offer a module that automates the basics of the Phase “Data Preparation” (e.g. Data ingestion, Data Gap handling, synchronisation, etc.).

The module inPOLL is used in every customer project to create a database which is appropriate for a subsequent analysis and use in a prediction model. IPN inPOLL can be used as a stand-alone module that works as a data consumer and pre-processor. Due to the modular architecture the structured and pre-processed data from IPN inPOLL can be provided to 3rd party systems.