We are experts in the analysis and prediction of machine conditions, process stability and product quality. As a company we build on state-of-the-art technologies from the fields of Big Data, IoT and machine learning / artifical intelligence. Being experts we are well aware that the application of technologies alone will not lead to a successful IoT/Predictive Analytics project. For us, any successful project that aims at predicting the condition of machines, the stability of a process or the quality of a finaly good starts with a feasible and structured project plan on the organizational side as well as a highly structured and targeted data collection process.

IoT/ML Platform

We provide an IoT/ML platform that supports the whole life cycle of a predictive model (development, (re)training and application) e.g. to predict machine states, process stability and product quality. To satisfy all the different requirements of our customers the IoT platform is modularized to fit our customers level of maturity and requirements. Find out more about our IoT/ML Platform.


‘Data Understanding’ represents a critical phase in every (predictive) analytics project. It enables the data scientist to familiarise with the data, to identify data quality issues, to gain first insights from the data and to identify interesting data subsets to develop first hypothesis about the information contained in the data. To address this requirement we have developed Visualytics which is our main tool for any type of explorative data analytics. Visualytics offers intuitive and easy to use data visualisation, intelligent preselection of relevant variables as well as an automated reporting framework. No matter the amount of data you try to explore. Find out more about Visualytics


To support our customers during the implementation of any predictive analytics project or with the implementation of our platform we developed a very specific methodology which allows us to lead through the planned project within a reasonable time and budget. Learn more about our Services