To apply our innovations in the field of predictive analytics as efficiently as possible to the industrial reality, we continuously exchange our ideas and approaches with our industrial customers and partners. The development of our module IPN Visualytics is strongly based on a development partnership with our customer IFE Innovation For Entrance Systems. Our process model for the implementation of predictive maintenance to mobile machines is continuously edged in our customer projects especially with our customer Knorr-Bremse AG and Plansee Group.

As predictive maintenance is a very new field for most of our industrial customers we continuously look for research partnerships with companies from different industrial sectors. Furthermore, we offer research intensive topics as master thesis to graduating students.

Additionally, we take part in research funding projects like for example the project ‘iMaintenance’ together with partners and companies such as Salzburg Research Forschungsges.m.b.h, Wienenergie and Schlotterer Sonnenschutzsysteme.

All of this because we are aware that the best results can only be achieved by linking the smartest brains.