The field of ‚predictive analytics‘ is rather new for most of the industrial companies and at the same time it is a highly innovative field of application. Therefore, it is important for IPN to have access to the largest possible network of academic research and company know-how. To accomplish this goal IPN participates in a range of different research funding programs.

  • IPN Intelligent Predictive Networks GmbH is a member of a consortium that collaborates in a project called ‘i-Maintenance’ which is funded by the BMWFW and the FFG with means of the COIN program.

  • IPN Intelligent Predictive Networks GmbH (formerly OG) was a member of the INITS incubator, an institution of the INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice GmbH, einem Unternehmen der Universität Wien, TU Vienna and the ZIT and funded under a mandate of the AplusB Program.