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IPN Services

10 years

Use the potential of your data

Would you like to optimize your systems with the help of modern digital methods or precisely analyze the causes of malfunctions?

Regardless of whether you are just starting out with data recording or already have extensive data records – we are your competent and efficient partner. Just 2 weeks after your first data delivery, you will receive a customized anomaly detection or root cause analysis based on the data provided.

Our services at a glance:

  • Duration: 14 days from data delivery
  • Package price on request
  • Your findings include:
    • Demonstration of the application based on the received data (directly usable with our SaaS solutions)
    • Evaluation on the feasibility of the solution with the provided data
    • Report on existing potentials and optimization possibilities in your data collection

Predictive Maintenance has never been so easy!


With our process model, which has been developed and tested in practice for over 10 years, you too can achieve your digitalization & data analytics goals in time, scope and cost.


We offer an effective methodology to implement your digitalization or predictive analytics project on time, scope and budget. From the definition of objectives and potential analyses to the creation of a targeted digitalization roadmap.


Close collaboration between the data scientist and domain expert is crucial to the success of the project.
Our team of experienced project managers and data science experts will work closely with you to successfully implement your digitalization or predictive analytics project.

Data Science

You have a complex question and associated data, we have the answer. Through the active collaboration of our data experts with your technology experts, we generate measurable added value after only a short time.

Pilot project

With our pilot projects, we enable you to implement your data-driven projects quickly and efficiently. Benefit from our own AI technology combined with 10 years of experience in practical projects.

Root cause analysis

Do you have system malfunctions or efficiency problems, but don't know why?
With our Root Cause Analysis (RCA) tool, we analyze your data for complex correlations and identify the causes of your system malfunctions.

Forecasting models

With our customized forecasting models, we support you in optimizing your plant management, minimizing unplanned downtimes and maximizing product quality.

Data Infrastructure

We support you with more than 10 years of practical experience in designing and building the optimal data infrastructure. Whether it’s a data warehouse or a state-of-the-art analytics application.

Data Infrastructure

Tailor-made big data and data warehouse solutions for your company. Our experts always plan and integrate the solutions precisely for your goals and requirements. So that the solution empowers you and does not restrict you.

Processing pipeline

With our data processing pipelines, we transform your raw data into valuable information. Thanks to our more than 10 years of experience, we provide you with optimal support in the design and implementation of your data processing pipelines.


The optimal choice of technology depends on your goals and data. We support you in selecting the optimal technologies to achieve your goals.

Workshop & Teams

Our workshops take you from an initial idea to a fully planned analysis project in the shortest possible time. Our experts work closely with your project team to incorporate our state-of-the-art analysis know-how into your project and anchor it in your organization.


With our workshops, we support you in moving from an initial idea to a well thought-out analysis project within a short space of time. In this way, you can avoid typical pitfalls in the planning and implementation of analysis projects and successfully put your ideas into practice.


Availability and close collaboration between data scientists and system experts is essential, especially in the IoT world. We are happy to support you with your projects, even if data architecture and data science are still foreign words or the required resources are not available.

You too can leverage the potential of your data

10 years IPN