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With our process model, which has been proven in practice for over 10 years, you will achieve your digitization and data analytics goals in time, scope and costs.


We offer an effective methodology to implement your digitalization or predictive analytics project on time, scope and budget. Together, we first develop a target storybook and conduct potential analyses in order to develop a targeted roadmap based on th results specific to your needs. We then assist you with data analysis and model development, as well as technology selection to ensure a successful go-live.


Our experience over the last 10 years has shown that close collaboration between Data Scientists and the company's domain experts, as well as supporting the project management with Data Science know-how, are crucial for the success of data science projects. That's why our team of experienced project managers and data science experts will work with you to successfully implement your digitalization or predictive analytics project.

Data Science

You have a complex question and associated data, we have the answer. Through the active collaboration of our data experts with your technology experts, we generate measurable added value after only a short time.

Pilot project

Our pilot projects enable the rapid implementation of data-driven projects such as the creation of predictive algorithms for incidents or quality issues. We rely on proprietary AI technologies and best practices from 10 years of real-world projects to deliver prototypes and feasibility studies in record time.

Root cause analysis

Using Visualytics and our proprietary AI technology, we analyze your data for complex relationships. In this way, we precisely and quickly identify causes for interesting events such as engine malfunctions in special purpose vehicles or the usage behavior and linked failures of machines in operation. Our customers benefit from sound information that helps optimize plants and products and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Forecasting models

Thanks to our customized forecasting models based on your available data, you can accurately and reliably predict malfunctions, wear, product quality and plant condition. Depending on availability and project objective, our models use either virtual sensors based on physical models or real measured values from plants provided by your company. With our models, we help you optimize your asset management, minimize downtime and maximize product quality

Data Infrastructure

We support you with more than 10 years of practical experience in designing and building the optimal data infrastructure. Whether it’s a data warehouse or a state-of-the-art analytics application.

Data Infrastructure

IPN develops customized Big Data and Data Warehouse solutions based on open source technologies both on-premise and in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our experts always align the design and implementation with our clients' goals and requirements to ensure that the design supports the goals, not limits them. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our solutions are cost-effective while still offering the highest performance and scalability.

Processing pipeline

In order for the raw data to produce valuable results such as forecast algorithms or detailed reports, the data must first be quality assured, processed and merged. The less structured the data, the more elaborate and complex the required processes. Thanks to our more than 10 years of experience, we provide you with optimal support in the design and implementation of your data processing pipelines.


No single technology can cover all requirements. Suboptimal technology selection can limit goal achievement. That's why we help you select and combine the best technologies to best support and achieve your goals.

Workshop & Teams

Our workshops will get you up and running in no time from an initial idea to a fully planned analysis project. Our experts work closely with your project team to compensate for a lack of data analysis expertise while helping you build it.


Our workshops support you in moving from an initial idea to a well thought-out analysis project within a short period of time. In addition, we bring in the Data Scientist's perspective to ensure that the question and the available data are suitable for successful implementation. In this way, you avoid typical problems in analysis projects and successfully put your ideas into practice.


Our experts work closely with your experts to implement successful analysis projects, even if data architecture and data science are still unfamliar terms for you or the required resources are not available. In doing so, we compensate for missing know-how right from the start and support the development of competencies in parallel. This way, we ensure that your project team builds up the necessary expertise, while at the same time we can assist you at every step of the analysis.

You too can leverage the potential of your data

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