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IPN Solutions

Use our 10 years of experience to reach your goal even faster

Ai Services

Our cloud based Ai Services have emerged from our expertise in analyzing and forecasting conditions and quality of technical assets for more than 10 years. We offer a range of Ai based applications to get the most out of your data in the shortest time possible


Our Anomaly Detection detects significant deviations in the running behavior of your systems based on existing process data. Unlike traditional methods, it does not require a long data history or expert knowledge, resulting in faster and more cost-effective development processes. Within a very short time, our Anomaly Detection is ready for use and helps you to detect faults in your systems at an early stage and to avoid consequential damage.


Our Ai-based Quality Monitor informs you at an early stage about production-related quality defects and enables you to take targeted countermeasures. This allows you to minimize scrap and improve product quality by identifying and fixing problems early.


Our Ai-based Flow Monitor automatically monitors the performance of your air supply units and detects wear of components such as piston rings or air treatment malfunctions at an early stage. Unlike traditional methods of measuring delivery performance, our Flow Monitor is cost-effective, requires little space and monitors the volume flow continuously. The Flow Monitor uses the readings of inexpensive pressure sensors and generates the required accuracy with the help of our Ai. This allows you to effectively monitor the condition of your air supply units and their components, avoid failures and save costs.


Our Leakage Monitor automatically detects leaks in your compressed air network, regardless of its complexity. With our system, you can reduce the inefficiency of compressed air as an energy storage device and optimize costs in the life cycle of your compressed air system.


The mere collection of data, without the possibility of visual, exploratory analysis does not represent added value. Visualytics was developed to enable efficient yet intuitive visualization of data even for system experts without much IT affinity.


Your data sets "don't fit in Excel anymore", the selection and detailed viewing of an interesting section of the data requires more than 2 clicks or a switch of programs?

Use Visualytics and view your plant data and measurements in full detail, without switching programs and without writing a line of custom Python or R code.


Every analysis project begins with the preparation and visualization of the data. For the Data Scientist this means many lines of code in Python or R and for the "normal technician" this might present an insurmountable obstacle.

With Visualytics we offer a tool that allows you to import, prepare and visualize your data directly and without writing a single line of code.


Through the integration of our Ai Services Visualytics can be extended by essential functions.

Save yourself the search for the needle in the haystack. Visualytics finds interesting data areas automatically through the integration of Anomaly Detection, even in very big datasets.

Monitor / Dashboard

Turn your data into engaging reports or bring it to life with a dashboard. In any case, you get the full insight and exactly the information you need for your decisions.


Monitor key performance indicators and process parameters in near real-time on your device. Whether it is a display of shift productivity per plant on the shop floor or fault messages and critical process parameters for your technicians.


Get full visibility into the details of your assets and processes to make even better decisions and track the impact of your actions.
For example, you can get Insight into the development of scrap production depending on the product, plant or the respective shift.


The exact prognosis of a developing fault, the detection of a leakage or a detected quality defect in a product are only useful if this information also reaches the responsible employee at the right time. Therefore we have developed LiveAlert


Don't lose time because information is not available at the right time to the person in charge.
LiveAlerting transmits important information such as fault messages, process deviations, etc. as soon as they are available.


Reduce the information overload of your workforce with LiveAlert and define yourself which information is relevant and who receives which information with which priority.


Use the communication channel of your choice, be it email, SMS, Telegram, or WhatsApp.