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IPN Solutions

Use our 10 years of experience to reach your goal even faster

Ai Services

Our Ai solutions help you to make optimum use of your data in the shortest possible time and generate maximum added value. In 2 weeks after your first data delivery, for example, you will receive a customized anomaly detection or root cause analysis based on your data.


Anomaly Detection recognizes relevant deviations in the running behaviour of your systems and informs you as soon as possible. We help you avoid consequential damage and production interruptions.

Root Cause

With our RCA app, you can identify the causes of faults and inefficiencies independently and in the shortest possible time. This allows you to optimize your systems efficiently.


Our Flow Monitor monitors the performance of your compressed air generators and detects wear and emerging faults at an early stage. Get Started, optimize your compressed air supply too.


Our Leakage Monitor automatically detects leaks in your compressed air network, regardless of its complexity. With our system, you can increase the efficiency of compressed air as an energy storage device and optimize costs in the life cycle of your compressed air system.


Transform your data into appealing reports and bring them to life with a dashboard. You receive full insight and all the information you need for your decisions.
With our DataCube, you create the digital foundation for sustainable business success.


Get full transparency and insight into your business. Get consistent, automated reports and optimize business management with IPN Reporting.


Stay informed at all times and increase your company's productivity. With IPN Monitoring, you define dashboards for your key metrics and tasks, giving you up-to-date insight at any point in time:

LiveAlert support

Don't lose time because information is not available at the right time to the person in charge.
IPN LiveAlert transmits important information directly to the right people.


The mere collection of data without the possibility of visual analysis does not represent any added value. Visualytics has been developed over a decade to provide efficient yet intuitive data visualization for plant professionals without a strong IT affinity.


Your data sets "don't fit in Excel anymore", the selection and detailed viewing of an interesting section of the data requires more than 2 clicks or a switch of programs?

Use Visualytics and view your system data and measured values in full detail, in one tool and without writing a single line of code.


Every analysis project begins with the preparation and visualization of the data. For the data scientist, this means many lines of code in Python or R, for the "normal technician" this is often completely impossible.

With Visualytics we offer a tool that allows you to import, prepare and visualize your data directly and without writing a single line of code.


Through the integration of our Ai Services Visualytics can be extended by essential functions.

Save yourself the search for the needle in the haystack. Visualytics finds interesting data areas automatically through the integration of Anomaly Detection, even in very big datasets.


The exact forecast of a developing fault, the detection of a leak or a recognized quality defect in a product are only useful if this information reaches the right employee at the right time.

With our LiveAlert we ensure exactly that!


Don't lose time because information is available but not for the right person at the right time.
LiveAlert transmits important information as soon as it is available.


Reduce the information overload of your workforce with LiveAlert and define yourself which information is relevant and who receives which information with which priority.


Use the communication channel of your choice, be it email, SMS, Telegram, or WhatsApp.